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Who would have thought back in the year 2002, the late Vinod Mangal had sketched a most unthinkable scene. Why unbelievable as the same is that its ground truth had a shape of a concave trapezoid. Equally difficult to believe was the fact that the same was going to have a background gradient filled with red, just the name of it. This was the scene, this was the background, this was the stage, this was the story, this was the role. One wonders how one can manage to make a backdrop for a story by following the declamatory and rhetorical rhetoric. Basking in broad daylight is how the same went live. With a clap of thunder and a downpour of candles, it was like an overnight alchemy. The dull stony ground had transformed into a welcoming carpet of red. Such a transformation indeed was such that no one was disheartened. The overall look of it was so unique, totally refreshing and all that too at free of cost. With total ignominy, all their expenditures of four years of hard work had been in vain. Yet, the same has all the reasons to make a comeback in the next big celebration to be held in this land of dreams. Here were the maestros of Vadgam, the Vadaa Maestros who saw a ray of hope in the future of this part of the country, who foresaw the passage of a cleaner and a more progressive era in the country. What could the people of this part of the country, do for the Vadaa Maestros who had put their life and their families on stake for their dream? By all means, it would be a crime if we were to let them down. But, how does one do that? This was the thought that had crossed the mind of those who had been part of the celebration as well. The former owners of the place who had named it in the name of their own dog must have experienced a similar thought, but they did not have much to say about it. But, to those who were part of the jury for the event, the conclusion was that, perhaps it was better to forget the past as it could not be relived. It was better to choose something new for the generations to come, as the wait for its next mega event was already there. But, was it possible that the same could ever happen? Were there enough fore-hands, backhands, rallies and rallies? By the end of the day




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Download Ebook Gajah Mada Madakaripura Hamukti Moksa [Updated]

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